My Perfect Self-Care Rituals

Sometimes we take on too much and need to relax, but it can feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

Here’s how I fit some of my most perfect self-care rituals into my busy schedule.

Why it’s so important to de-stress

Most of us are always doing something. Whether that’s working, looking after children,  exercising or simply flicking through our instagram feed.

Our brains are always active and being challenged. Even when we’re not physically busying ourselves we’re often mentally planning the next day or worrying about personal goals. We need to make sure we’re taking time to switch off, relax and enjoy just ‘being’.

I eat to feed my body, I cook to feed my soul.

Cooking is fantastic for relaxing. It allows you to be creative and productive whilst giving you time to switch off, relax and reflect on your day. I love cooking stews and casseroles to give me optimum relaxing time. Chopping vegetables, preparing meat, slowly cooking and choosing sides… to me, there’s nothing more enjoyable.

Stress can often dull your senses, but as cooking is such a sensory experience it’s the perfect task to unwind. It keeps you active and your brain engaged on the task in hand, giving you time to distract yourself from the worries and troubles of everyday life.

Sharing a meal with your family and loved ones is a wonderful way to end your day. Unwinding over cooking means you can enjoy a relaxing meal, without feeling rushed and stressed.  

Carolyn Byron Cookbook 2016 perfect self-care rituals

An early night

Sometimes you’ve got nothing left to give the day. On these occasions you need to shut out the world and take an early night.

Whenever I do this I make sure I’ve got fresh linen on the bed, a good book and some lavendar under my pillow. This magical mix creates the most refreshing sleep.


Get Active

Being active is awesome for those times when our mind is racing but we’re physically tired. A good workout to get your heart pumping works wonders!

Whether I’m dancing to music in the house, meeting up with friends for a jog or going to a class, taking this time to focus on moving and having fun is amazing for clearing my head and keeping healthy.

At the moment I’m loving pilates classes at Equinox gym, NYC. Such a productive way to wind down.



This may seem over-simplistic, but never underestimate the power of a good scented candle. I’m addicted! A fantastic addition to a relaxing bath, a good read or even whilst making lists and organising my thoughts.

 perfect self-care rituals candle

Lighting my candles is a little self-care ritual that just puts my mind at ease. Having them in the background creates a relaxing vibe and really helps me switch off.


How do you unwind after a stressful day? Get in touch on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. I love hearing from you guys!