How to Eat Healthily Whilst Travelling

Vacations are a time for relaxing, experiencing new cultures and getting away from your day-to-day life. Perhaps even escaping colder climes for some Winter sun.

You should return home feeling fresh, rejuvenated and educated; not exhausted and ballooned from eating terribly.

Only eating indulgently isn’t actually much of treat. It really takes a toll on your body and you could feel the repercussions for weeks. There are ways to ensure you have the best possible trip and feel great, without missing out on the good stuff.


Plan ahead

Use forums, trip planners, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to ask questions. This is incredibly useful if, like me, you have dietary requirements that require even more thought. Being gluten-free, Vegan, Paleo or Vegetarian highlights the importance of planning even more!

Thankfully, due to a little thing known as the internet, the world is a much more connected place and people are very willing to help. You’ll find that if a restaurant is very accommodating to dietary needs and serves delicious food, it has excellent word of mouth – people want to shout about it as they had such a good experience there. Equally when you return home, you should do the same and help other wary travellers!

Pack snacks

Never leave the house without something to eat. I always travel with a combination of nuts, seeds, grapes, berries or dried fruits. Finding a local market and detouring to them before you make excursions is a must.

Being too hungry leads you to make bad decisions – an empty stomach equates to an empty head! Having snacks to tide you over may save you from opting for foods that induce sugar rush, or perhaps aren’t the best option for your gluten-free needs.


Picnic basket    

Taking a picnic on a day trip is a fantastic was to enjoy your beautiful new surroundings and really get to know your temporary home.

Supermarkets have a lot more choice than restaurants. You can put together a healthy menu of all your favorite foods – it’s often a bit mis-matched and thrown together, but that really won’t matter. After those long walks you’ll just be desperate for some sustenance!

The healthier the picnic the more energy you’ll get from it, making your days longer and even more enjoyable.

The odd treat

There’s nothing wrong with allowing yourself a treat now and then. A couple per week is perfect, and will make it easier to maintain a healthy diet for the rest of your vacation because you won’t feel like you’re abstaining. That’s never a good feeling!

My favorite holiday treat was pistachio gelato in Portofino by the pool. It was the most amazing holiday – and such beautiful ice cream!

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