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Why I STILL Love The Smoothie! 

I know kale smoothies are so popular now that they seem to be almost the default option for smoothies. The new standard.

Packed with pulverized greens, and maybe some spirulina, their vibrant color screams of health, much like their also-ubiquitous cousin, the green juice. And while I enjoy them 
myself from time to time, I feel like the focus on having a healthy “green” smoothie has made people forget how delicious smoothies can really be.

Many of the tastiest smoothie ingredients must be omitted from green smoothies, lest they taint their pure color and turn them an unappetizing brown. I love making all different types of smoothies – they can be a great breakfast or satisfying, even indulgent snack. But 
I also want them to be super delicious, not just green and pure. I also feel like the green color can trick people into thinking smoothies somehow don’t count as food, or somehow don’t have calories. Which is not the case at all. While packed with great ingredients that have healthy fats, vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, and natural sugar, they don’t somehow lose their caloric value by being pummeled in a vitamix.

That’s why I prefer to have smoothies to start my day. I can load them with all my favorite breakfast foods and fruits and have a delicious and filling treat. One of the best things about smoothies is they are the perfect vehicle for any healthy ingredient you’re trying to get into your diet, and don’t really enjoy eating otherwise. I love loading my smoothies with everything from maca powder to bee pollen, protein powder to probiotics.

While I love throwing whatever I happen to have on hand in my blender,  this is my go-to smoothie to start my day because 
it appeals on every possible level – its has a delicious creamy texture from the banana, coconut milk and yogurt, gorgeous blue-purple color from the berries and acai, and is super healthy from being packed with antioxidants and probiotics!

I swear by this smoothie as my morning beauty elixir. Starting the day with a huge dose of probiotics makes such a difference to your skin and overall health its kind of unbelievable. More and more research has been showing how huge the link is between gut health and our immune systems and overall health, which is why probiotics are so important. My skin has always been a sort of barometer of my health – if something is off internally it immediately sets off which is super fun.

On the plus side though, when I am treating my body well that shows through a glow my skin gets to it. Apart from going gluten-free, the biggest change in my skin I saw related to my diet was when I incorporated probiotics into my daily regime.

There are lots of probiotics out there, but my absolute favorite for giving me that healthy “glow” is literally called Glow Probiotic Powder by the Beauty Chef – it really does what it says! While the powder looks brownish in its jar, it turns a bright purple color when added to liquid, which makes it especially perfect for this smoothie. I love that I can drink something so delicious for breakfast and know that its also improving my gut flora, skin, and giving me energy for the rest of my day.

Probiotic Smoothie


Beauty Chef Glow Probiotic Powder



Almond Milk/Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk Yogurt

Frozen Acai


Put all the ingredients into your blender and whisk.

Have you tried a probiotic in your diet?