My Health Focused Morning Routine

The morning can often be rushed and forgotten about, but it’s vital to get those first hours right. Follow my morning steps to gently wake up mind and body, ready for a successful day.


Following a morning routine is essential for creating a productive and happy day. So often, people go about their business without even waking up properly. Rising that little bit earlier to ensure you get through your routine is 100% worth it due to the benefits you’ll feel throughout the day.
Give yourself a week of taking the time to fit these activities into your morning and you’ll see what I’m talking about!


Wake up

I used to be the girl who set five alarms every morning and snoozed them all! It was virtually impossible for me to wake up without feeling lethargic. But this snoozing and going back to sleep in the morning was actually hindering me. All these false alarms were confusing my body and making me feel like I hadn’t rested at all. I now set one alarm and get up. This simple change, as hard as it was at first, has revolutionized my mornings!  



I use the Breath Pacer app from Larva Labs every morning and evening to set my breathing pace. For me, this is a form of meditation, but relates more to how your breath pattern affects your physiology. It’s even used in biofeedback to further physiological research. I can’t put into words how much this keeps me balanced throughout the day.



I love yoga. I do a full workout in the evenings or just before lunchtime, but I find a good, light morning stretch is perfect for awakening my mind and body.

I use Yoga with Adriene videos – something so simple like her 5-minute morning yoga video can really transform your outlook on a sleepy morning.



I try to always eat my breakfast within half an hour of waking up. This is to make sure I’m fueled and ready for a busy day.

Breakfast doesn’t just help me function, food excites me – a wholesome breakfast fills me with joy and vitality for the day! Listening, reading or watching the headlines whilst enjoying breakfast is a good way to ease your brain into work. It engages your senses and tunes you into what’s going on in the world around you.


Get active

I understand this one can be quite hard to fit into your morning. But getting active doesn’t have to mean hitting the gym.

How about walking or cycling to work? Or getting off the bus or metro a stop earlier than usual? That small dose of exercise gives you an endorphin hit that will trigger all the right energy levels.

Don’t have a morning commute? How about venturing out to grab a coffee? Something as little as twenty minute walk could really help your focus and mood.


Make a plan

By this point in the morning I’m fueled, informed and my body’s ready to go. The only thing left to do is to organise my brain.

Before I start working every day I make a list of the targets I want to fulfill, giving timings to these lists really help me be my most productive self. That way if I do start losing focus, I can revert back to my list and know exactly what to do next.


Have you got your own routine, or thinking of following mine? Keep me posted on your progress over on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.